La Scala

La Scala is a triumph of innovative interior design.
Creating a setting that is contemporary and complementary to Thailand's heritage to serve classic Italian cuisine was a challenge to interior designer Yasuhiro Koichi, of Design Studio SPIN in Tokyo.
Expectations have been more than surpassed in this remarkable new restaurant.

Italian food that is classic, and yet exciting and tempting to the palate, puts the menu of La Scala in a class of its own.
Just as the design and decor unite the contemporary with a Thai cultural context, so the cuisine presents pure traditional recipes with unparalleled creative flair.

In keeping with the attention to detail that makes La Scala so special, great care has been taken to ensure that the wines present the best choices to match menu selections, as well as to represent fully the best of Italy.

Subtle, unobtrusive and yet finely attuned to the rhythms of the day, music at La Scala is perfectly pitched to accompany fine dining.

Essentially, the music offers a broad range of jazz, featuring well-known names, such as Oscar Peterson, as well as other, less familiar, more contemporary artists.

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